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January 9, 2017 (Monday)
13:10pm~14:00pm Registration
14:00pm~14:10pm Welcome Address
14:10pm~14:40pm Session 1:
Excessive BCI

Session Chair:
K.-R. Müller
Towards a Whole Body Brain-Machine Interface System for Decoding Expressive Movement Intent:
Challenges and Opportunities
(J. L. Contreras-Vidal)
14:40pm~15:00pm Towards Sign Language Recognition
using EEG-Based Motor Imagery Brain Computer Interface
(D. AlQattan, F. Sepulveda)
15:00pm~15:20pm The Effect of Selective Attention on Multiple ASSRs
for Future BCI Application
(N. Kaongoen, S. Jo)
15:20pm~15:50pm Coffee Break
15:50pm~16:20pm Session 2:
Behavioral BCI

Session Chair:
A. Kübler 
How Incidental Affect Modulates Emotion Regulation Moudulate Decision under Risk
(H. Heekeren)
16:20pm~16:40pm Pop or Not? EEG Correlates of Risk-Taking Behavior
in the Balloon Analogue Risk Task
(Y. Chen, C. Wallraven)
16:40pm~17:00pm English Ability Score Prediction Algorithm based on Prefrontal Cortex Blood Volume Utilizing a Regulated Linear Regression Model
(K. Oki, K. Shiba, T. Kaburagi, Y. Kurihara)
17:00pm~17:20pm Poster Presentation
17:20pm~18:00pm Short Paper Presentation 1

Session Chair:
B.-K. Min
The Neural Analysis of
“Why Service Can Improve Product Competitiveness”
(M. Zhao)
Baseline Drift Detection Index
using Wavelet Transform Analysis for fNIRS Signal 
(G. Lee, S. H. Lee, S. H. Jin, J. An)
A Brain-Computer Interface Speller
using Peripheral Stimulus-based SSVEP and P300
(J.-Y. Hwang, M.-H. Lee, S.-W. Lee)
Time Domain EEG Analysis for Evaluating the Effects of
Driver’s Mental Work Load during Simulated Driving 
(J.-P. Kim, S.-W. Lee)
Conceptual Analysis of Epilepsy Classification
using Probabilistic Mixture Models
(S. K. Prabhakar, H. Rajaguru)
Classification of Computed Tomography Scanner Manufacturer
using Support Vector Machine
(S.-B. Lee, E.-J. Jeong, Y. Son, D.-J. Kim)
Classification of Wakefulness and Anesthetic Sedation
using Combination Feature of EEG and ECG
(B.-R. Lee, D.-O. Won, K.-S. Seo, H.-J. Kim, S.-W. Lee)
Advanced Deep Learning for Blood Vessel Segmentation
in Retinal Fundus Images
(L. Ngo, J.-H. Han)
A SSVEP-BCI with Random Moving Stimuli
in Simulation Environment
(N. Zhang)

January 10, 2017 (Tuesday)
8:30am~9:00am Registration 
9:00am~9:30am Session 3:
Perceptual BCI

Session Chair:
H. Heekeren
Multimodal Integration, Attention and Sensory Augmentation
(P. König)
9:30am~09:50am Online Implementation of Top-Down SSVEP-based BMI
(M.-H. Ahn, B.-K. Min)
9:50am~10:20am A Template-Projection Approach to Decode Higher-Order Visual
in Realtime and at The Perceptual Threshold
(K. Miller)
10:20am~10:50am Coffee Break
10:50am~11:20am Session 4:
Visual BCI

Session Chair:
J. Contreras-Vidal
Quo Vadis - Visual P300-BCI?
(A. Kübler)
11:20am~11:40am Shifting Stimuli for Brain Computer Interface
based on Rapid Serial Visual Presentation
(D.-O. Won, H.-J. Hwang, K.-R. Müller, S.-W. Lee)
11:40am~12:00pm Practical Brain-Machine Interface System
(H. G. Yeom, J. S. Kim, C. K. Chung)
12:00pm~15:00pm Lunch and Intermission
15:00pm~15:30pm Coffee Break/Poster Session
15:30pm~16:00pm Session 5:
Directional Moving BCI

Session Chair:
G. Müller-Putz
Detecting and Tracking Multiple Directional Movements
in EEG based BCI
(C. Guan)
16:00pm~16:20pm An Online Self-Paced Brain-Computer Interface Onset Detection
Based on Sound-Production Imagery Applied to Real-Life Scenarios
(Y. Song, F. Sepluveda)

Single-Trial Analysis of Readiness Potentials
for Lower Limb Exoskeleton Control
(J.-H. Jeong, M.-H. Lee, N.-S. Kwak, S.-W. Lee)

16:40pm~17:10pm Poster Session
17:10pm~18:00pm Short Paper Presentation 2

Session Chair:
D.-J. Kim
Movement Classification using ECOG High-Gamma Powers from Human Sensorimotor Area during Active Movements
(S. Ryun, J. S. Kim, E. Jeon, C. K. Chung)
Classification of Midazolam-induced Sedation Depth
based on Spatial and Spectral Analysis
(H.-J. Kim, S.-K. Yeom, K.-S. Seo, H.-J. Kim, S.-W. Lee)
An Empirical Study on Effect of Physiological Asymmetry
for Affective Stimuli in Daily Life
(B. H. Kim, S. Jo)
Classification of Left and Right Foot Movement Intention
based on Steady-State Somatosensory Evoked Potentials
(Y.-J. Kee, D.-O. Won, S.-W. Lee)
Timbre Classification Method
based on the Common Spatial Pattern filter 
(Y. Park, W. Chung)
Identification of Attention State for Menu-Selection
using In-Ear EEG Recording
(D.-H. Jeong, J. Jeong, Y. Chae, J. Lee, H. Choi)
Design and Evaluation of a P300-ERP based BCI System
for Real-Time Control of a Mobile Robot
(D. Nurseitov, A. Serekov, A. Shintemirov, B. Abibullaev)
Representations of Directions in EEG-BMI using
Winner-Take-All Readouts
(H.-H. Kim, J. Jeong)
18:00pm~20:00pm   Banquet

January 11, 2017 (Wednesday)
9:00am~9:30am Session 6:
Decoding Methods
for BCI

Session Chair:
P. König
Sparse Decoding and Explaining?
(K.-R. Müller)
9:30am~09:50am Learning Suite of Kernel Feature Spaces
Enhances SMR-Based EEG-BCI Classification
(B. Abibullaev)
9:50am~10:10am Bimanual Arm Movements Decoding using Hybrid Method
(H. Choi, K.-M. Lee, D. P. Jang)
10:10am~10:40am Coffee Break / Poster Session
10:40am~11:10am Session 7:
Rehabilitation BCI

Session Chair:
C. Guan
Towards Non-Invasive EEG-based Arm/Hand-Control in Users with SCI
(G. Müller-Putz)
11:10am~11:30am Brain Computer Interface Approach
using Sensor Covariance Matrix with Forced Whitening
(H. Shin, W. Chung)
11:30am~11:35am Closing Remarks

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