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February 18, 2019 (Monday) Poster
13:00pm~13:30pm Registration
13:30pm~13:35pm Welcome Address
13:35pm~14:05pm Session 1: Advanced Methods for EEG Decoding
(Session Chair: K.-R. Müller)
Explainable Deep Learning for Analysing Brain Data
(K.-R. Müller)
14:05pm~14:35pm A Study on Reducing Training Time of BCI System based on an SSVEP Dynamic Model
(X. Gao)
14:35pm~14:50pm Towards Adaptive Classification using Riemannian Geometry approaches in Brain-Computer Interfaces
(S. Kumar, F. Yger, F. Lotte)
14:50pm~15:20pm Coffee Break
15:20pm~15:50pm Session 2:  Patient-Oriented BCIs
(Session Chair: S. Debener) 
Modulation of Cortical Excitability
with BCI for Stroke Rehabilitation
(N. Mrachacz-Kersting)
15:50pm~16:20pm The Elusive Goal of BCI-based Communication with CLIS-ALS Patients
(M. Grosse-Wentrup)
16:20pm~16:35pm Real-time Decoding of EEG Gait Intention
for Controlling a Lower-limb Exoskeleton System
(J. Choi, H. Kim)
16:35pm~17:05pm Coffee Break
17:05pm~18:00pm Spotlight Presentation 1
(Session Chair: H.-J. Hwang)
Motor Imagery Classification based on
Subject to Subject Transfer in Riemannian Manifold
(A. Singh, S. Lal, H. Guesgen)
Po 1
P300-based Deception Detection of Mock Network Fraud with an Improved Genetic Algorithm and Combinatorial Classification
(X. Liu, J. Shen, W. Zhao)
Po 2
An Improved Five Class MI Based BCI Scheme for Drone Control Using Filter Bank CSP
(S. M. Christensen, N. Stubkjær Holm, S. Puthusserypady)
Po 3
Domain Adaptation with Source Selection for Motor-Imagery based BCI
(E. Jeon, W. Ko, H.-I. Suk)
Po 4
EEG-based Gait State and Intention Recognition Using Spatio-Spectral Convolutional Neural Network
(S. Park, F. C. Park, J. Choi, H. Kim)
Po 5
EZSL-GAN: EEG-based Zero-Shot Learning approach using a Generative Adversarial Network
(S. Hwang, K. Hong, G. Son, H. Byun)
Po 6
The Effect of a Binaural Beat Combined with Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response Triggers on Brainwave Entrainment
(C.-B. Song, N.-S. Kwak, M. Lee, S.-W. Lee)
Po 7
Classification of Working Memory Performance from EEG with Deep Artificial Neural Networks
(Y. Kwak, W.-J. Song, S.-E. Kim)
Po 8
Recurrent Convolutional Neural Network Model based on Temporal and Spatial Feature for Motor Imagery Classification
(S.-B. Lee, H. Kim, J.-H. Jeong, I.-N. Wang, S.-W. Lee , D.-J. Kim)
Po 9
Development of Brain Computer Interface based Action Observation Program with Functional Electrical Stimulation Devices (FES)
(J. Son, J. Ku)
Po 10
Sex Differences Observed in a Study of EEG of Linguistic Activity and Resting-state: Exploring Optimal EEG Channel Configurations
(L. A. Moctezuma, M. Molinas)
Po 11
High Engagement in BCI Action Observation Game by Relevant Character's Movement
(H. Lim, J. Ku)
Po 12
Semi-Supervised Deep Adversarial Learning for Brain-Computer Interface
(W. Ko, E. Jeon, J. Lee, H.-I. Suk)
Po 13
An Online Top-down SSVEP-BMI for Augmented Reality
(J.-W. Kim, M.-N. Kim, D.-H. Kang, M.-H. Ahn, H.-S. Kim, B.-K. Min)
Po 14
Protection of EEG Data using Blockchain Platform
(S. Bak, Y. Pyo, J. Jeong)
Po 15

February 19, 2019 (Tuesday) Poster
8:30am~9:00am Registration 
9:00am~9:30am Session 3: Invasive BMI
(Session Chair:
C. K. Chung)
Neural Manifolds: from Basic Science to Practical Improvements in Brain-Computer Interfaces
(S. Chase)
9:30am~09:45am Interference in Tactile Discrimination Performance by Neuronal Modulation
(G. Jeong, J. S. Kim, S. Ryun, C. K. Chung)
9:45am~10:00am Estimation of Speed and Direction of Arm Movements from M1 Activity using a Nonlinear Neural Decoder
(J. Park, S.-P. Kim)
10:00am~10:15am Neural Response to Grasp of Robot Hand from M1 Area of Rhesus Monkey
(S.-M. Kim, S. Chae, S.-Y. Hyun, S.-P. Kim, J.-w. Sohn)
10:15am~10:45am Coffee Break
10:45am~11:15am Session 4: Neural Mechanisms for BCIs
(Session Chair:
P. K. Douglas)
An Observation of Anatomical Clustering in Inputs to Primary Motor Cortex in Cortico-cortical Brain Surface Evoked Potentials
(K. Miller)
11:15am~11:30am Working Memory Training Using EEG Neurofeedback Based on Theta Coherence of Brain Regions
(Z. Li, H. Wang, S. Wei, X. Xu, X. Wu)
11:30am~11:45am Cortical Regions Associated with Visual-Auditory Integration: an fNIRS Study
(B. Suh, I. Song, W. Jeon, Y. Cha, K. Che, S. H. Lee,
K. Lee, J. An)
11:45am~15:15pm Lunch and Intermission
15:15pm~15:45pm Coffee Break/Poster Session
15:45pm~16:15pm Session 5: New Strategies in BCIs
(Session Chair: 
N. Mrachacz-Kersting)
Imagining the P300 Speller: Good idea or Nonsense?
(A. Kübler)
16:15pm~16:30pm Brain-to-Brain Interface Increases Efficiency of Human-human Interaction
(V. Maksimenko, A. Hramov, A. Runnova, A. Pisarchik)
16:30pm~16:45pm Decoding Both Intention and Learning Strategies from EEG Signals
(D. Kim, S. W. Lee)
16:45pm~17:10pm Coffee break
17:10pm~18:00pm Spotlight Presentation 2
(Session Chair:
D. J. Kim)
Steady-State Somatosensory Evoked Potential based Brain-Computer Interface for Sit-to-Stand Movement Intention
(K. Cha, J. Lee, H. Kim, C. Kim, S. Lee)
Po 16
Biometrics based on Single-Trial EEG
(G.-Y. Choi, S.-I. Choi, R. Rahmawati, H.-T. Lee, Y.-S. Lee, S.-U. Kim, H.-J. Hwang)
Po 17
The Effect of Neurofeedback Training in Virtual and Real Environments based on BCI
(D.-K. Han, M.-H. Lee, J. Williamson, S.-W. Lee)
Po 18
Exploring the Number of Repetitions in Trials for the Performance Convergence of Classification in Motor Imagery Task with Hand-Grasping
(Y.-T. Kim, S.-B. Lee, H. Kim, J.-H. Jeong, S.-W. Lee, D.-J. Kim)
Po 19
Quantification of Motion Artifacts in fNIRS Data by Monitoring Sensor Attachment
(J. Park, S. Dong, Y. Hong, J. Jeong)
Po 20
Classification of Functional Near-Infrared Spectrocopy Signals during Passive and Combinatory Exercises for Neurorehabilitation
(C.-H. Han, J. Kwon, H.-J. Hwang, C.-H. Im)
Po 21
Hybrid MI-SSSEP Paradigm for Classifying Left and Right Movement toward BCI for Exoskeleton Control
(J. Lee, K. Cha, H. Kim, J. Choi, C. Kim, S. Lee)
Po 22
Changes in Fatigue and EEG Amplitude during a Longtime Use of Brain-Computer Interface
(S.-P. Seo, M.-H. Lee, J. Williamson, S.-W. Lee)
Po 23
Novel Spatiospectral Features of ERPs Enhances Brain-Computer Interfaces
(B. Abibullaev , Y. Orazayev, A. Zollanvari)
Po 24
Optimal Channel Selection using Covariance Matrix and Cross-combining Region in EEG-based BCI
(Y. K. Park, W. Z. Chung)
Po 25
Testing Performance of Multicolour Checkerboard Flickers against Their Greyscale Versions for SSVEP-based BCI
(A. Szalowski, D. Picovici)
Po 26
Creation of a High Resolution EEG based Brain Computer Interface for Classifying Motor Imagery of Daily Life Activities
(S. G Chacko, P. Tayade, S. Kaur, R. Sharma)
Po 27
Optimization Method of Error-related Potentials to Improve MI-BCI Performance
(S.-K. Kim, D.-H. Kim, L. Kim)
Po 28
Towards Utilization of Error-Related Potentials for Brain-to-Vehicle Communication
(J. W. Choi, T. Choi, S. Kim, S. Jo)
Po 29
Recognition of Pilot's Cognitive States based on Combination of Physiological Signals
(S.-Y. Han, J.-W. Kim, S.-W. Lee)
Po 30
Mind Controlled Drone: An Innovative Multiclass SSVEP based Brain Computer Interface
(A. Chiuzbaian, J. Jakobsen, S. Puthusserypady)
Po 31
18:00pm~20:00pm Banquet

February 20, 2019 (Wednesday) Poster
9:00am~9:30am Session 6: BCI Augmentation
(Session Chair: X. Gao)

Transparent Electroencephalography? Exploring Ear-EEG for Long-term, Mobile Electrophysiology
(S. Debener)

9:30am~09:45am A SLAM Integrated Hybrid Brain-Computer Interface for Accurate and Concise Control
(J. Park, J. W. Choi, S. Jo)
9:45am~10:00am Immediate Effect of Neurofeedback in Passive BCI
for Alertness Control
(A. Hramov, V. Maksimenko, M. Zhuravlev, A. Pisarchik)
10:15am~10:45am Coffee Break / Poster Session
10:45am~11:15am Session 7: Toward Practical and Efficient BCIs
(Session Chair: A. Kübler)
Reconsidering Spatial Priors in EEG Source Estimation
(P. K. Douglas)
11:15am~11:30am Prediction of Item Familiarity based on ERPs
(T. Krumpe, W. Rosenstiel, M. Spüler)
11:30am~11:45am A Hybrid MI-SSVEP based Brain Computer Interface for Potential Upper Limb Neurorehabilitation: A Pilot Study
(C. McGeady, A. Vuckovic, S. Puthusserypady)
11:45am~12:00pm A Comprehensive Analysis of Alcoholic EEG Signals with Detrend Fluctuation Analysis and Post Classifiers
(S. K. Prabhakar, H. Rajaguru, S.-W. Lee)
12:00pm~12:05pm Closing Remarks

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