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Notification of comprehensive exam
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- Applicants must fill out the attached form(subject code , name of the subject, etc.).
- You can choose only 1 subject for each branch(listed below).
- PhD candidate must choose 1 additional subject(which code number must be higher than  600).
- Exam can be waived off for the subject(s) which you received A+.


Brain & cognitive science and neurosicence

- BRI502 : Introduction to cognitive neuroscience
- BRI508 : Neurobiology of Consciousness
- BRI511 : Neuroscience
- BRI512 : Understanding the brain
- BRI516 : Introduction to Neural Networks


Brain information processing theory
- BRI505 : Artificial Intelligence
- BRI506 : Introduction to Pattern Recognition
- BRI507 : Introduction to the Machine Learning
- BRI510 : Applied Mathematics
- BRI515 : Introduction to Applied Mathematics


Introduction to Brain Imaging Engineering
- BRI501 : Introduction to Brain Imaging Engineering
- BRI503 : Introduction of Brain-Computer Interface
- BRI504 : Introduction to Brain Engineering
- BRI509 : Introduction to brain signal processing