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Announcement for Comprehensive Examination of 2012 The Latter Part Department of Brain and Cognitive Engineering
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This is announcement for comprehensive examination of 2012 the latter part department of Brain and Cognitive Engineering.

Please submit the application form to academic support department of college of Information& Communications (room 105 at Woo Jung Information& Communications Building) by September 17th~19th after fill in subject number and name that you want to apply by field on the application form.


Each subject number and name that you could apply by field as follows:

- Choose only 1 subject by field.

- Write 1 additional major subject corresponding your major (600~700 unit), if you are in the doctor’s (Ph.D) course (Total 4 subjects).


- Below -

‘Brain and Cognitive Science and Neuroscience Introduction’ Field

- BRI502 : Introduction to Cognitive Brain Science

- BRI508 : Neurobiology of Consciousness

- BRI511 : Neuroscience

- BRI512 : Understanding the Human Brain

- BRI516 : Introduction to Neural Networks


‘Brain and Data Processing Theory’ Field

- BRI505 : Artificial Intelligence

- BRI506 : Introduction to Pattern Recognition

- BRI507 : Introduction to Machine Learning

- BRI510 : Statistics for Brain and Cognitive Engineering

- BRI515 : Introduction to Applied Math


`Introduction to Brain Imaging Engineering` Field

- BRI501 : Introduction to Brain Imaging Engineering

- BRI503 : Introduction to Brain-computer Interface

- BRI504 : Introduction to Brain and Cognitive Engineering

- BRI509 : Introduction to Brain Signal Processing


Corresponding subjects could waive comprehensive exam after deliberation of board of graduate school, provided that department of brain and cognitive engineering 500 unit subjects that you achieved A+ grade were included.

Department of Brain and Cognitive Engineering Board of Graduate School