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[INFO] - Qualification(or Comprehensive) exam date&venue
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This is to inform you of the Qualification(or Comprehensive) exam date/venue

 :  2017.04.04(Tues.) 6~9pm, Woo Jung bldg. B103


Please see the attached for more information on the exam application and more.

<Qualification exam subjects>

For Master Candidate: 3 subjects
- Introduction to Cognitive Brain Science (Recommended textbook: Ward, The Student’s Guide to Cognitive Neuroscience)
- Introduction to Applied Math (Recommended textbook: Moler, Numerical Computing with Matlab)
- Introduction to Brain Signal Processing (Recommended textbook: Roberts, Signals and Systems)

For Master Candidate (or integrated MS/PhD candidates): 4 subjects
- Neuroscience (Recommended textbook: Bear et al., Neuroscience: Exploring the Brain)
- Probability and Statistics for Brain and Cognitive Engineering (Recommended textbook: Devore, Probability & Statistics for Engineering & Sciences)
- Introduction to Brain-Computer Interface (Recommended textbook: Dornhege et al., Toward Brain-Computer Interfacing)
- Major courses (600~700 courses) 

File Notice of Comprehensive Exam for the Spring Semester of 2017 2.pdf(21.7K)