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Colloquium Announcement on Apr. 3, 2017
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Title: Artificial  Intelligent  Attorney  (How AI is used in law)

Speaker : Youngik Lim (Intellicon)

Date: Apr. 3 (Mon.), 2017

Time: 05:00 PM 

Location: Woo Jung Information & Communication bldg., Room 601

Hosted by Dept. of Brain & Cognitive Engineering, Korea University / Institute of Brain and Cognitive Engineering, Korea University / BK21+ Global Leader Development Division in Brain Engineering, Korea University / Interdisciplinary Major in Brain and Cognitive Science


Legal technology, also known as Legal tech refers to the use of technology and software to provide legal services. Recently, mixing AI with Legal tech is a truly incredible step forward. Legal tech with AI is disrupting the traditionally conservative legal market.  Actually, Legal expert system is one of the most important fields in AI and Legal tech.

A legal expert system is a domain-specific expert system that use AI to emulate the decision-making abilities of a human expert in the field of law. Legal expert systems employ a rule base or knowledge base and an inference engine to accumulate, reference and produce expert knowledge on specific subjects within the legal domain. 

Our theme in this seminar will cover an introduction to legal expert systems, computational legal science and AI-attorney. For outsiders, the idea of artificial intelligence in law sounds horrifying. AI, however, has been pushing its way into law for decades. We will enjoy the fantastic future law and AI.

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