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Colloquium Announcement on Apr. 22, 2019
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Title: Neuroengineering for the Better Life: From Research to Application

Speaker: Dr. Dong-Hyeon Kim (CTO, Neurophet,Inc.) 

Date: April 22, (Mon.), 2019

Time: 05:00 PM 

Location: Woo Jung Information & Communication bldg., Room 601 

Hosted by Dept. of Brain & Cognitive Engineering, Korea University / Research Center for Brain and Artificial Intelligence, Korea University / Institute of Brain and Cognitive Engineering, Korea University / BK21+ Global Leader Development Division in Brain Engineering, Korea University / Interdisciplinary Major in Brain and Cognitive Science 


Computational brain modeling has a crucial role for setting stimulation parameters in electrical brain stimulation (EBS). It provides not only electric field distribution in the brain given stimulation parameters, but also provides stimulator position and amplitude to stimulate target region optimally. Thus, setting a patient-specific stimulator position via individualized computational brain modeling is essential for stimulate the target site to enhance functionality or rehabilitate brain disorders precisely. Using computational study, individualized brain model could be generated by MR images, show the electric field depending on stimulation parameter, and help to find proper stimulation position and amplitude. 

In this lecture, I show how we could make tES Lab., an analysis software for individualized-electrical brain stimulation, and the challenges that we have been encountered in the development phase. It would be helpful to understand the neuroengineering technology commercialization from research to application.


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