Global-Leading Research and Education in Brain and Cognitive engineering KOREA UNIVERSITY The Dept. of Brain and Cognitive Engineering aims at establishing chemically convergent
academic eduecation and education system to meet global standard


The Dept. of Brain Cognitive Engineering at Korea University aims to be ranked in TOP 10 worldwide through

fostering creative minds promoting to research-oriented university and creating national new driving forces

뇌공학 분야 세계 TOP10 수준
  • To establish a worldwide research hub
  • To secure the group of best researches
  • To strengthen the support
    system for professor’s research
  • To strengthen the international
    collaboration with partner
  • To make research results practical
  • To secure the core source technology
  • To establish the infra supporting the patent
  • To establish the system for technology transition
  • Chemical convergence of
    educational system
  • Educational system for raising
    creative human resources
  • Systems strengthening the
    most excellent research
  • Long/short term overseas
    study for graduate students
Creation of new
growth momentum
Creation of new growth
momentum of the country

Top research-centered
university worldwide

Raising excellent human
resources in creativity
To establish worldwide top research group in
Brain and Cognitive Engineering
  • To invite worldwide distinguished scholars
  • Research on globally advanced technology
  • To raise creative excellent human resources
  • To establish the research network with global research organizations

1. 세계적 연구 역량 향상 2. 창의적 연구 실용 심화기술 연구 3. 세계 일류 뇌공학 연구중심 대학