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Swissranger SR-4000
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Swissranger SR-4000

장비기능 :
적외선 영역에서 illumination wave를 이용한 3D Depth Camera로써 카메라 영상을 통해 3차원 공간좌표 및 Depth 정보 추출
주요용도 :
Object의 Depth 정보 및 3차원 좌표 정보를 취득하는데 사용
주요사양 :
- Camera resolution: 176x144
- Maximum Frame Rate: 50 FPS
- Industrial grade camera, allowing for high quality measurements in demanding environments
: Camera design extensively tested under demanding environmental and mechanical conditions
: Enclosure Rating: IP40, IP67 available on request
: CE certified: illumination class 1, EMC class A
- Stable measurements over the product life are guaranteed through a self calibrating optical design
- Measurements accuracy is independent of object color and reflectivity
: Stable measurement accuracy and repeatability is achieved even under variations in object reflectivity and color
- In-pixel background light suppression allows for higher measurement accuracy, even in the presence of unfavorable background light conditions
- Two measurement ranges are available, 5m and 10m allowing for more flexibility when balancing measurement range with measurement precision
- Two field of views are available, 43° and 69° allowing to adapt the field of view to the application needs
- Simultaneous multi-camera measurements made possible through access to multiple illumination frequencies (up to 3 cameras)
- Selectable acquisition mode allows for continuous or triggered measurement
: Trigger mode allows for synchronization with other devices
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