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MRI (자기공명영상장치)
MAGNETOM Trio, A Tim System 3T

제조회사 :
장비기능 : MRI Scanner
주요용도 : 뇌영역의 (f)MRI Scan
주요사양 :
- Field Strength: 3 Tesla
- Advanced High Order Shim System
- Gradient Amplitude: max. 45mT/m or more
- Slew Rate: 200 mT/m/sec or more
- Digital RF System
- Head Matrix 12 Ch. Coil or 8 Ch. SENSE Head Coil
- Neck Matrix 4 Ch. Coil or 16 Ch. SENSE NV Coil
- Spine Matrix 24 Ch. Coil or 33 element SENSE Spine Coil
- 32 Ch. Head Coil approved from FDA as of 2009
- fMRI Trigger Converter
- UPS System
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