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Core Course
BRI 509 - Introduction to Brain Signal Processing [3]
This course reviews basic concepts of brain signal processing, such as continuous-time signal,
discrete-time signal and sampling and etc.
BRI 510 - Probability and Statistics for Brain and Cognitive Engineering [3]
This course reviews basic techniques of probability and statistics for brain and cognitive engineering,
such as estimation, hypothesis verification, and etc.
BRI501 - Introduction to Brain Imaging Engineering [3]
A study of basic theories and principles for automatic analysis of brain images from fMRI, PET, CT, etc.
BRI502 - Introduction to Cognitive Brain Science [3]
This course reviews cognitive brain mapping and human brain dynamics to examine the mechanisms of higher-order
brain functions such as cognition, decision making, etc.
BRI503 - Introduction to Brain-Computer Interface [3]
This course is an introductory course on brain-computer interface and will review how to harness the neural signals in
developing the interface between human brain and machines.
BRI504 - Introduction to Brain and Cognitive Engineering [3]
Brain Informatics is an academic area studying human information processing mechanisms. This course deals with
broad fields of study such as fundamental functions of brain, perception, attention, memory, language,
calculation, inference, planning, decision making, learning and creativity.
BRI505 - Artificial Intelligence [3]
This course introduces many different topics on philosophical, psychological, and psychophysical issues. Topics
include artificial intelligence, philosophy, psychology and mental physic, including problem solving, expert systems,
robotics, understanding of natural language, computer vision, neural networks, case studies of machine learning, and
practical programming with the latest hardware and software.  
BRI506 - Introduction to Pattern Recognition [3]
This course investigates the basic concepts and methodologies of pattern recognition. In particular, this course focuses on the core theories of pattern recognition, such as Bayesian decision theory, Bayesian parameter estimation,
non-parameter estimation, linear discriminant function, neural network, and statistical machine learning.
BRI507 - Introduction to Machine Learning [3]
This course investigates various machine learning algorithms, including Concept
Learning, Decision Trees, Learning Theory, Instance-Based Learning, Genetic
Algorithm, Rule Learning, Analytical Learning, and Reinforcement Learning.
BRI508 - Neurobiology of Consciousness [3]
This course will review philosophical and psychological theories of consciousness and cover a variety of
studies investigating the neural correlates of consciousness. In particular, this course will focus on the neural bases of
consciousness involved in visual perception.
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