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fostering creaive minds, promoting to research-oriented university, and creating national new driving forces.


Core Course
BRI511 - Neuroscience [3]
This introductory course in neuroscience will provide an overview of the fundamental concepts and principles of
nervous system, from information processing at cellular level to systems level.
BRI512 - Understanding the Human Brain [3]
This course reviews the general structure and function of the human brain,
leading to the basic understandings of the human neuroanatomy.
BRI513 - General Chemistry [3]
This course aims to cover the basic concepts of principles of general chemistry
that is fundamental to the understanding of brain and cognitive Engineering.
BRI514 - Biochemistry [3]
This course aims to cover the basic concepts and application of biochemistry to
understand the chemical reactions in biological system from the molecular level.
BRI515 - Introduction to Applied Maths [3]
This course aims to review applied mathematics such as differential equations, linear algebra etc and demonstrate
their direct application to brain and Cognitive Engineering.
BRI516 - Introduction to Neural Networks [3]
This course aims to introduce large scale parallel distributed processing models in neural and cognitive science.
Topics include: linear models, statistical pattern theory, Hebbian rules, self-organization, non-linear models,
information optimization, and representation of neural information. Applications to sensory processing, perception,
learning, and memory.
BRI517 - Introduction to Brainwave Analysis [3]
This course is designed to help students to learn and implement a variety of brainwave analysis techniques that are comminly used in brain-computer interface. In this class, we will focus on acquiring the knowledge of the fundamental concepts on the engineering aspect.
BRI518 - Introduction to Applied Maths II [3]

This course is designed to help to understand the necessary mathematical problems in the field of engineering students research. In this class, we will improve the knowledge of the concept of applied mathematical foundations and the skils that can be applied to real provlems. 

BRI519 - Introduction to Programming for Brain and Cognitive Engineering [3]
This course is designed to help students to understand and learn the basic concepts and knowledge of computer programming, which are necessary for efficient analysis and process of various types of signals (EEG, fMRI, NIRS, etc.) handled in brain and cognitive engineering.
BRI520 - Computational Thinking [3]
This course focuses on basic knowledge of data structure, representation, and management in computer programing and algorithmic methods, which can be effectively utilized to solve computational problems with respect to handling various types of data (EEG, fMRI, NIRS, etc.) in brain and cognitive engineering.
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