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Major Course
BRI631 - Neuroethics [3]
This course investigates the basic concept of neuroehtics and introduces recent research issues on this topic.
BRI632 - Human Information Processing [3]
This course will cover several fundamental models of human information processing. The models include the signal
detection theories, theories of attention and memory, and both normative and naturalistic decision-making models.
BRI633 - Brainwave Analysis [3]
This course is designed to help students to make a presentation and discuss about current research issues for a variety of brainwave analysis techniques associated with pre-processing, feature extraction, etc.
BRI634 - Neural Network [3]
This course is designed to help students to understand neural networks of the brain by acquiring background knowledge of structures and functions
BRI635 - Neural Rehabilitation Engineering [3]

Nero-rehabilitation engineering aims to aid recovery from a nervus system injury, and to minimize any functional alterations. In this class, we will learned core methodologies with regard to neural protheis, assistive device for enhancing patin'ts acivity.

BRI636 - Neural Engineering [3]

The course is designed to learn principles and technologies of neural engineering and clinical applications, various neural signal acquisition methods and interface methods will be covered.

BRI637 - Optical Coherence Tomography [3]

This course provids the principle and applications of optical coherence tomography, an emerging high-resolution and
non-invasive technique, for an efficient imaging method in biomedicine and neuroscience.

BRI638 - Programming Practice for Brain and Cognitive Engineering [3]
This course is designed to boost students' computer programming capability to analyze and visualize characteristics in various types of data(EEG, fMRI, NIRS, etc.) used in researches of brain and cognitive engineering.
BRI639-Statistical Signal Processing [3]
This course is designed to learn various probabilistic and statistical techniques for digital signal processing.

BRI640-Statistical Learning Theory [3]
This course is designed to introduce probabilistic and statistical techniques for finding inherent characteristics in data and their practical applications.
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