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BRI620 - Cognitive and Computational Psychophysics [3]
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This course provides the topics and information processing techniques of visual and tactile perception of objects,
coordinate and movement in 3-dimensional space.

Major Course
BRI611 - VLSI Systems and Architecture [3]
This course introduces how the silicon-based analog and digital CMOS integrated circuits can be designed
/implemented to perform information and signal processing operations. The course covers the design methodologies
for Digital-to-Analog , Analog-to-Digital Data Converters, Delta-Sigma Modulators, Vector Quantization
module, Analog filters, Adaptive Neural Computing Modules.
BRI612 - Augmented Reality Analysis [3]
Recently, the virtual reality techniques have been advanced in the basis of the recent progresses in real-time video
analysis, computer graphics system, and novel display techniques. In this course, we will analyze various cases in
which augmented reality is being applied, from entertainment to military training programs.
BRI613 - Visual Perception [3]
This course provides recent research findings regarding advanced topics in the
computational modelling of psychophysical and physiological data for mammal's
vision. Relevant topics include visual object recognition, visual feature integration,
characteristics of a neuron's receptive field, luminance perception, stereopsis,
motion perception and optic flow.
BRI614 - Systems Neuroscience [3]
This course provides recent research approaches to topics of system neuroscience, including connectivity,
neurophysiology, and behavioral measurements of perception, motor system, and memory and attention.
BRI615 - Neural Prostheses [3]
This course discusses about neuroscientific and technical approaches on the design and use of
neural prostheses to restore and make up nervous systems which are damaged or eliminated by
disease or accident.
BRI616 - Brain Imaging Engineering [3]
A study of application methods for solving problems of fMRI, PET or CT images in the real-world
based on the basic theory and principle of brain imaging engineering.
BRI617 - Sensory Motor Systems [3]
This course introduces the studies of computer vision, including model-based vision, projective invariance, hub
transformation, pattern recognition, neural network, color theory, and material and optical flow.
BRI618 - Emotion and Attention [3]
This course introduces general theories of emotion and attention to understand the neuroscientific principles related
to the interaction of memory, attention, and emotion.
BRI619 - Neuropsychology [3]
Neuropsychology is an interdisciplinary academic area including neural pathology, neuroscience, and clinical
psychology. This course reviews topics of the history of neuropsychology, clinical neuropsychological evaluation
and interpretation of cognitive and behavioral neural-disorder.
BRI620 - Cognitive and Computational Psychophysics [3]
This course provides the topics and information processing techniques of visual and tactile perception of objects,
coordinate and movement in 3-dimensional space.
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