Global-Leading Research and Education in Brain and Cognitive engineering KOREA UNIVERSITY The Dect. of Cognitive Engineering at Korea University aims to be ranked in TOP10 worldwide through
fostering creaive minds, promoting to research-oriented university, and creating national new driving forces.


Scholarships will be supported through TA/RA scholarship and stipend from research funds

Students in Ph.D.Program
Entire semesters
Supporting Entire Tuition and Partial Living Expense
Students in Integrated Master and Ph.D.Program
1~ 3 semesters
Supporting Over 60% of Tuition and Partial Living Expense
supporting entire tuition and partial living expense
After 4th semester
Supporting Entire Tuition and Partial Living Expense

Eligible students must be full-time students only except those from industries and government institutes. Other detailed regulations related in scholarship follows departmental regulations.

At the Department of Brain and Cognitive Engineering. We dedicate our best efforts
to educate excelling and talented students who will be valuable internationally.