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Nov 9th, DAY 1
Type Authors Title Session Start End
Tutorials Junyeong KimDeep Learning for Vision and Language Reasoning109:0012:00
Zhijian OuState-of-the-Art of End-to-End Speech Recognition209:0012:00
Shang-Hong Lai, Che-Tsung Lin, Chiou-Ting HsuDeep Domain Adaptation for Computer Vision114:0017:00
Taiji SuzukiDeep Learning Theory from Statistics to Optimization214:0017:00

Nov 10th, DAY 2
Type Paper ID Authors Title Session Chair Start End
Opening Christian Wallraven 8:30 9:00
KEYNOTE - LEI ZHANG Gradient centralization and feature gradient decent for deep neural network optimization Cheng-Lin Liu 9:00 10:00
MEDICAL 196 Kun Yan, Zhizhe Liu, Shuai Zheng, Zhenyu Guo, Zhenfeng Zhu and Yao Zhao Coarse-to-fine learning framework for semi-supervised multimodal MRI synthesis Han-Jeong Hwang 10:20 10:40
44 Zhan Zhang, Yun-Tian Wang, Bang Li, An Guo and Cheng-Lin Liu Deep Rejoining Model for Oracle Bone Fragment Images 10:40 11:00
140 Guodong Sun, Zejin Wang, Guoqing Li and Hua Han Robust Frequency-Aware Instance Segmentation for Serial Tissue Sections 11:00 11:20
72 Gun-Hee Lee, Han-Bin Ko and Seong-Whan Lee Joint Dermatological Lesion Classification and Confidence Modeling with Uncertainty Estimation 11:20 11:40
HUMAN SIGNALS 195 Luhui Yue, Junxia Li and Qingshan Liu Causal Intervention Learning For Multi-Person Pose Estimation Sungjoon Choi 14:00 14:20
20 Pengfei Zhang, Xiang Li, Jianjun Qian, Zhong Jin and Jian Yang Hierarchical Attentive Upsampling on Input Signals for Remote Heart Rate Estimation 14:20 14:40
HUMAN IN THE LOOP 104 Doo Yon Kim and Christian Wallraven Label quality in AffectNet: results of crowd-based re-annotation Jin Xie 14:40 15:00
102 Ashish Menon, Piyush Singh, P. K. Vinod and C. V. Jawahar Interactive Learning for Assisting Whole Slide Image Annotation 15:0015:20
89 Hoe Sung Ryu, Uijong Ju and Christian Wallraven Predicting decision-making in the future: Human versus Machine 15:2015:40
KEYNOTE ANDREAS DENGEL Combining Bird Eye View and Grass Root View for Earth Observation Christian Wallraven 16:00 17:00

Nov 11th, DAY 3
Type Paper ID Authors Title Session Chair Start End
KEYNOTE - JURE LESKOVEC Graph Neural Networks and Beyond Seong-Whan Lee 9:00 10:00
BREAK 10:00 10:20
MATCHING 131 Jin Zhang, Mingyang Zhao, Xin Jiang and Dong-Ming Yan Robust Multi-view Registration of Point Sets with Laplacian Mixture Model Christian Wallraven 10:2010:40
168 Jegoon Ryu and Sei-Ichiro Kamata A Fast and Accurate Point Pattern Matching Algorithm based on Multi-Hilbert Scans 10:4011:00
17 Zhixiong Pi, Changxin Gao and Nong Sang Siamese Tracking with Bilinear Features 11:0011:20
91 Xinlei Qi, Yaqing Ding, Jin Xie and Jian Yang Planar Motion Estimation for Multi-camera System 11:2011:40
LUNCH BREAK 11:40 14:00
DEPTH 48 Jian Ren, Jin Xie and Zhong Jin Hierarchical Multi-Scale Architecture Search for Self-Supervised Monocular Depth Estimation Qingshan Liu 14:0014:20
14 Takahiro Suzuki, Tsubasa Hirakawa, Takayoshi Yamashita and Hironobu Fujiyoshi 1D Self-Attention Network for Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation using Omnidirectional LiDAR 14:2014:40
45 Yiming Tu and Jin Xie UnDeepLIO: Unsupervised Deep Lidar-Inertial Odometry 14:4015:00
BREAK 15:00 15:20
SECURITY 100 Glen Brown, Jesus Martinez-Del-Rincon and Paul Miller Least Privilege Learning Byoung Chul Ko 15:2015:40
120 Sreyasee Das Bhattacharjee and Junsong Yuan Multi-modal Co-training for Fake News Identification using Attention-aware Fusion 15:4016:00
84 Pei-Kai Huang, Ming-Chieh Chin and Chiou-Ting Hsu Face Anti-Spoofing via Robust Auxiliary Estimation and Discriminative Feature Learning 16:0016:20
TEXT AND DOCUMENTS 23 Yu-Ting Yang, Yan-Ming Zhang, Xiao-Long Yun, Fei Yin and Cheng-Lin Liu CASIA-onDo: A New Database for Online Handwritten Document Analysis Tae-Eui Kam 16:2016:40
179 Nam Tuan Ly, Trung Tan Ngo and Masaki Nakagawa A Self-Attention based Model for Offline Handwritten Text Recognition 16:4017:00

Nov 12th, DAY 4
Type Paper ID Authors Title Session Chair Start End
ALGORITHMS 103 Yonghui Liang, Lu Zhang, Yuqing He, Na Xu and Mingqi Liu SARNN: A Spatiotemporal Prediction Model for Reducing Error Transmissions Takio Kurita 9:009:20
32 Weiqi Zhao, Haobo Jiang and Jin Xie Fast Proximal Policy Optimization 9:209:40
27 Xiaoling Zhou and Ou Wu Drop "Noise" Edge: An Approximation of the Bayesian GNNs 9:4010:00
COFFEE 10:00 10:20
TRANSFORMERS 24 Lufei Huang, Fengming Sun and Xia Yuan COMatchNet: Co-Attention Matching Network for Video Object Segmentation Christian Wallraven 10:2010:40
106 Tao Wang, Zhihui Lai and Heng Kong TFNet: Transformer Fusion Network for Ultrasonic Image Segmentation 10:4011:00
61 Bolin Ni, Gaofeng Meng, Shiming Xiang and Chunhong Pan NASformer: Neural Architecture Search for Vision Transformer 11:0011:20
AWARDS & CLOSING Christian Wallraven 11:20 12:00
WORKSHOP - - Future Impact of AI in Real-World Applications Jong-Ha Lee, Byoung Chul Ko 13:0017:00

Poster List
Nov 10th, DAY 2 Poster Schedule
Paper ID Authors Title
13Motoshi Abe and Takio Kuritaq-Softplus Function: Extensions of Activation Function and Loss Function by using q-Space
18Shungo Fujii, Naoki Okamoto, Toshiki Seo, Tsubasa Hirakawa, Takayoshi Yamashita and Hironobu FujiyoshiSuper-class Mixup for Adjusting Training Data
42Jiacan Zheng, Zhihui Lai, Jianglin Lu and Jie ZhouLow-Rank Correlation Analysis for Discriminative Subspace Learning
43Huanyu Li, Cuicao Zhang, Chunlei Li, Zhoufeng Liu, Yan Dong and Shuili TangRapid and high-purity seed grading based on pruned deep convolutional neural network
49Wei Tian, Dongjun Xin and Chuzheng WangThe Comparison of Multiple Attention Mechanisms Fused with Residual Neural Network for the Classification of Focal Liver Lesions
73Ji-Seon Bang and Seong-Whan LeeMotor Imagery Classification based on CNN-GRU Network with Spatio-Temporal Feature Representation
76Young Eun Kim and Seong-Whan LeeDomain Generalization with Pseudo-Domain Label for Face Anti-Spoofing
80Hyun Seung Lee and Christian WallravenVisualizing the embedding space to explain the effect of knowledge distillation
81Kaiheng Dang, Jianhuang Lai, Junhao Dong and Xie XiaohuaAdversarial Training Inspired Self-attention Flow for Universal Image Style Transfer
88Haram Joo, Inhyeok Jeong and Sang Wan LeeEstimating the level of inference using an order-mimic agent
93Tian Li, Kun Huang, Yuhan Zhang, Mingchao Li, Weiwei Zhang and Qiang ChenMulti-stage domain adaptation for subretinal uid classication in cross-device OCT images
94Yuichi Kamata, Moyuru Yamada, Keizo Kato, Akira Nakagawa and Takayuki OkataniSymbolizing Visual Features for Pre-training with Unlabeled Images
125He Sun, Mingkun Li and Chun-Guang LiHybrid Contrastive Learning with Cluster Ensemble for Unsupervised Person Re-identification
128Yujia Zhai, Fulin Tang and Yihong Wu3OFRR-SLAM: Visual SLAM with 3D-assisting Optical Flow and Refined-RANSAC
144Lifang Wu, Heng Zhang, Ge Shi and Sinuo DengWeakly Supervised Interaction Discovery Network for Image Sentiment Analysis
147Jian Pang, Weifeng Liu, Baodi Liu, Kai Zhang, Dapeng Tao and Xiaoping LuInterference Distillation for Underwater Fish Recognition
150Jinhyo Shin and Wonzoo ChungMotor Imagery Classification based on local log Riemannian distance matrices selected by confusion area score
178Zhoufeng Liu, Chengli Gao, Chunlei Li, Ning Huang and Zijing GuoUnsupervised Fabric Defect Detection Based on DCGAN with Component-encoder
190Sreyasee Das Bhattacharjee and Junsong YuanProactive Student Persistence Prediction in MOOCs via Multi-Domain Adversarial Learning
191Jinhong Yu and Kun SunA Multi-feature Embedding Method for Robust Image Matching
55Ayan Banerjee, Shivakumara Palaiahnakote, Soumyajit Pal, Umapada Pal and Cheng-Lin LiuDCT-DFT-FFT based Method for Text Detection in Underwater Images
10Sangwon Kim, In-Su Jang and Byoungchul KoImage Registration Between Real Image and Virtual Image Based on Self-Supervised Keypoint Learning
28Xuran Xu, Tong Zhang, Chunyan Xu and Zhen CuiCirculant Tensor Graph Convolutional Network for Text Classification
50Abhishek Srivastava, Sukalpa Chanda and Umapada PalExploiting Multi-Scale Fusion, Spatial Attention and Patch Interaction Techniques for Text-Independent Writer Identification
51Tamal Chowdhury, Sukalpa Chanda, Saumik Bhattacharya, Soma Biswas and Umapada PalContact-Less Heart Rate Detection in Low Light Videos
65Kento Terauchi and Keiji YanaiPose Sequence Generation with a GCN and an Initial Pose Generator
95Miseon Shim, Seung-Hwan Lee and Han-Jeong HwangDevelopment of a resting-state electroencephalography (EEG)-based computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) system for first-episodic drug-naïve female major depressive disorder
111Daehyun Cho and Christian WallravenPaperswithtopic: Topic Identification from PaperTitle Only
118Juho Lee, Jin Woo Choi and Sungho JoSubject-Independent Motor Imagery EEG Classification Based on Graph Convolutional Network
157Yuhang Chen, Bolin Ni and Gaofeng MengJoint Semantic Segmentation and Edge Detection for Waterline Extraction
170Pilhyeon Lee, Sunhee Hwang, Seogkyu Jeon and Hyeran ByunSubject Adaptive EEG-based Visual Recognition
172Wonjun Ko, Eunjin Jeon and Heung-Il SukSpectro-Spatio-Temporal EEG Representation Learning for Imagined Speech Recognition
175Jinyoung Choi, Sehyeon Jang and Sung Chan JunIs notable EEG feature extracted over time-dependent cognitive load variation during intelligence tests?

Nov 11th, DAY 3 Poster Schedule
Paper ID Authors Title
6Kai Li, Yongsheng Zhang, Weiming Yang, Lei Zhang and Zhenchao ZhangIntelligent recognition of point source target image control points with simulation datasets
7Keiichi Yamada and Susumu MatsumiOne-Shot Image Learning Using Test-Time Augmentation
12Jiang Zhentao, Chen Qiang, Jiang Bo, Leng Cong and Cheng JianWeakly Supervised Salient Object Detection with Box Annotation
25Fengming Sun, Lufei Huang, Xia Yuan and Chunxia ZhaoForeground-Background Collaboration Network for Salient Object Detection
38Fan Gao, Ying Hu and Yan YanDeep Siamese Network with Co-Channel and Cr-Spatial Attention For Object Tracking
41Serin Park and Christian WallravenComparing Facial Expression Recognition in Humans and Machines: Using CAM, GradCAM, and Extremal Perturbation
53Yikai Bian, Jin Xie and Jianjun QianUnsupervised Domain Adaptive Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation
59Tingting Wang, Yang Xu, Zebin Wu and Zhihui WeiSpatial-Spectral Joint Correction Network for Hyperspectral and Multispectral Image Fusion
63Jui Chang, Yu-Ting Pang and Chiou-Ting HsuTowards the Target: Self-Regularized Progressive Learning for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation on Semantic Segmentation
108Jin Liu and Yazhou LiuSpatial Pyramid-based Wavelet Embedding Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Semantic Segmentation
112Qifeng Luo, Ting-Bing Xu and Zhenzhong WeiCFFNet: Cross-scale Feature Fusion Network for Real-time Semantic Segmentation
132Farzeen Munir, Shoaib Azam, Unse Fatima and Moongu JeonARTSeg: Employing Attention for Thermal images Semantic Segmentation
143Qiuyan Tang,Jialin Ye,Fukang Chen and Xia YuanAttention Guided Multi-level Feedback Network for Camouflage Object Detection
145Sha Xie, Yuhan Zhang, Mingchao Li, Zexuan Ji, Songtao Yuan and Qiang ChenGaussian Distribution Prior Based Multi-view Self-supervised Learning for Serous Retinal Detachment Segmentation
151Sangpil Kim and Jihyun BaeHand Type Estimation for Hand Action Recognition
152Yulan Deng, Lunke Fei, Genping Zhao, Wei Jia, Jie Wen and Chunwei TianJoint Multi-feature Learning for Facial Age Estimation
163Haetsal Lee, Junghyun Cho, Ig-Jae Kim and Unsang ParkDistance-GCN for Action Recognition
167Hiroya Kawai, Takashi Kozu, Koichi Ito, Hwann-Tzong Chen and Takafumi AokiIs CNN Really Looking at Your Face?
184Tsung Hsuan Wu, Chun Lung Yang, Li Ling Chiu, Ting Wei Wang, Gueter Josmy Faure and Shang Hong LaiCONFIDENCE-AWARE ANOMALY DETECTION IN HUMAN ACTIONS
188Yufei Sun, Yong Li and Zhen CuiNFW: Towards National and Individual Fairness in Face Recognition
11Chuangquan Lin, Zhihui Lai and Jianglin LuFast Deep Asymmetric Hashing for Image Retrieval
22Jiaman Tang, Jinwen Wu, Fei Yin and Linlin HuangOffline Handwritten Mathematical Expression Recognition via Graph Reasoning Network
60Dong-Gyu Lee and Dong-Ok WonSpatio-temporal Weight of Active Region for Human Activity Recognition
87Bing Liu, Zheng Wang and Jufu FengPalmNet: A Robust Palmprint Minutiae Extraction Network
99Xu Liang, Zhaoqun Li, Dandan Fan, Jinyang Yang, Guangming Lu and David ZhangSaME: Sharpness-Aware Matching Ensemble for Robust Palmprint Recognition
117Oskar Natan and Jun MiuraSemantic Segmentation and Depth Estimation with RGB and DVS Sensor Fusion for Multi-view Driving Perception
148Truong Thanh-Nghia, Hung Tuan Nguyen, Cuong Tuan Nguyen and Masaki NakagawaLearning Symbol Relation Tree for Online Handwritten Mathematical Expression Recognition

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